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Classic is proud to announce the (2) options we have available for fire panel and/or security panel monitoring!

Wireless communication from your buildings fire panel has arrived. Here’s a cost effective unit that can save money in the long run. These units do not require telephone lines; it is UL listed and works with most fire alarm panels. For minimum upfront costs, the unit pays for itself within 12 months, compared to the normal cost of operating (2) phone lines for your fire alarm panel.

In review of accounts with POTS telephone line monitoring converted to wireless, we have seen a reduction of nuisance service calls. We noted service calls on trouble conditions for the fire panels were reduced due to telephone issues which were eliminated using wireless communication, therefore saving you money.

Or use of regular plain old POTS phone, analog, lines, Fire alarm panel monitoring fees utilizing up to (2) analog Metro telephone lines, Touch Tone, with RJ31X jacks mounted next to the monitored panel for operation. One line to be dedicated and second line can be a shared line but must come to our jack first for line seizure.

As always, with Classic, you will be notified upon activation of an alarm or trouble condition, our 24-hour UL listed monitoring station will dispatch on alarm conditions and notify proper authorities, up to four (4) pre-designated people of your staff via telephone, cell phone, pager, etc. If it is a trouble signal it will just call your list of personnel. Your dialer will report a daily test status to the Central station. Customers are responsible for applying and renewing their county or city having jurisdiction’s fire or security panel permit.

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Keep your alarm costs down by maintaining your fire alarm and/or security permits. Check with your local city and county office if they require annual permits for monitoring of Fire alarm and Security panels.

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